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SACReD & WRYR File Open Meeting Complaint Against County

SACReD and WRYR filed a complaint with the Open Meetings Compliance Board today, claiming that Administrative Hearing Officer Stephen LeGendre illegally banned WRYR from taping and broadcasting a Dec. 9 hearing on the controversial Crandell Cove senior housing complex.

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High's Coming to Deale

After some concessions agreed to between High's and South Arundel Citizens for Responsible Development (SACReD), one of their convenience stores is sprouting up in Deale.  High's, at the intersection of Routes 256 and 258, will include the fourth gas station in the community, but SACReD backed the project after the company agreed to negotiate some details

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List of Disposable Properties

The Baltimore Sun has provided a list of the portions of state-owned land across Maryland that the Department of Natural Resources has designated as surplus and targeted for possible sale or transfer.

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Governor Ehrlich Has a Fire Sale of State Lands

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources, at the direction of Governor Ehrlich, has designated thousands of State owned land to be sold, including some of the most scenic forests and parks, to fulfill and Administration directive to streamline government and raise revenues.  This land could go into private hands.

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South County Water Resources Meeting

County Councilman Ed Reilly will host a meeting to discuss water resources at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, October 26, 2004 at Southern High School.  This meeting is a follow-up to one held last year that dealt with studies of the water supply in Southern Anne Arundel County. Since then, a statewide committee has issued a report on water resources.  The committee found water supplies in Southern Maryland "are vulnerable to overuse and a thorough understanding of the groundwater system is necessary to ensure a reliable supply in the future."

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Global Warming in the Chesapeake Region: An Alarming Documentary Film

A ground-breaking new film about the dangers and solutions associated with global warming in the Chesapeake Region will be shown Wednesday, September 22nd at 7 pm at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's main office in Annapolis (the Philip Merrill Environmental Center). This screening is free to all ages and is sponsored by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the Maryland League of Conservation Voters, and the Chesapeake Climate Action Network. See details below.

The film, titled "We Are All Smith Islanders," begins with a description of how our changing climate is already endangering the very existence of watermen on Smith Island, the last remaining inhabited island in Maryland's portion of the Chesapeake Bay. The film also documents how global warming is presently affecting agriculture, wildlife, health and tourism in our region -- and how this crisis will deepen without immediate action. Finally, the film details the many clean-energy solutions available in the region that can help slow and perhaps ultimately help stop global warming, and so save Smith Island and all the inhabitants of Maryland, Virginia and D.C.

"We Are All Smith Islanders" was written, directed, and filmed by Mike Tidwell and Mark Cohen. Tidwell is a prize-winning journalist and author of five books on nature and travel. He has contributed frequently to The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, National Geographic Traveler, Reader's Digest and many other leading publications. Cohen is a filmmaker and the award-winning producer of "The Coffee House," an arts and current affairs television magazine widely viewed in the D.C. area.

This film was produced by the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to fight global warming through the promotion of clean, renewable energy in the Chesapeake region.

        What: Film about global warming in the Chesapeake Region

        When: Wednesday, September 22nd, 7 pm

        Where: Chesapeake Bay Foundation main office, Annapolis (Philip Merrill Environmental Center), 6 Herndon Avenue, Annapolis, MD 21403.

Visit for directions and for more information: call 410-268-8816 or 301-920-1644 or visit

Chesapeake Climate Action Network




Environmental Enforcements & Fines Are Up

Apparently, the County's new combination of stiffer fines and more stringent enforcement is appearing to make a difference.

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Local Impact of Rise in Seal Level Studied

As sea levels rise over the next century, some Chesapeake Bay communities will face much more damage from storm flooding, which is expected to inflict tens of millions of dollars in losses and grow progressively more destructive as water creeps inland, according to a new report.  The Maryland Department of Natural Resources released a study last week of the possible economic impact of sea level rise to three waterfront towns: Shady Side in Anne Arundel County, the Hoopers Islands in Dorchester County, and Piney Point in St. Mary's County.  Read the article in The Sun.

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Blessing of the Fleet Festival - Great Day!

Beautiful weather, local craftsmen, and over 5000 folks turned out to watch as a 200 foot arc of water sailed over Parish Creek as the local waterman fleet sailed under for the third year of the revived Blessing of the Fleet Festival.  Folks also saw waterman compete is contests, saw musicians play, and had a lot of fun.  Click on the Festival logo to see great photos of the event.

Blessing of the Fleet Festival Photo Gallery

2004 Festival Photo Gallery

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Developer removes stores, offices from proposed complex

Bowing to concerns from residents, an Annapolis developer has decided to remove all retail and office space from a controversial waterfront complex in Deale.

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Photobook on the History of Deale, MD 

'A picture is worth a thousand words' is so true," said Lois Nutwell.  That was inspiration enough for the Harwood woman to compose "A Ripple in the Wind," a pictorial history of Deale.  Read more about the book and the author in today's issue of The Capital.

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Anne Arundel County Zoning Code Revisions Available 

The Anne Arundel County Office of Planning & Zoning's draft Subdivision Code and draft Comprehensive Zoning Code revisions can be found online:

View the Draft Subdivision Code   View the Draft Comprehensive Zoning Code

Though a significant part of the revisions to these documents consist of eliminating the redundancies in the old code and streamlining it, there are a few important changes for consideration.




Deep Cove Creek Development Possible 

At an July 21 auction, developer Charles Snyder paid $1.8 million for 63 acres fronting the widest section of the waterway.  The residential property, zoned for one house per acre, adjoins another 32-acre property Mr. Snyder owns off Deep Cove Road, where in 2002 he proposed building 13 houses.  

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Government Model Overstates Progress on Bay Pollution 

A Washington Post article states that the progress cited by Government reports on the cleanup of the Chesapeake Bay is overstated, as the models used are not accurate.




Meeting on Crandell Cove 'Senior Complex' on July 22nd

Apartment Buildings Proposed on on Franklin Manor Road!

Did you know that this would be the first proposed introduction of Multi-unit apartments in our area of the county.  Did you know that the entire project is in the Critical area extended buffer.  You can learn more of the Facts concerning this project, and help put to rest the Myths that have been floated by downloading the attached fact sheet and attending the hearing on Thursday.  

Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) Public Hearing
Thursday, July 22 at 6:30 p.m.
Traceys Elementary School
20 Deale Road (near Rt.2) in Traceys Landing

Read the Myths and Facts About Crandell Cove   Read The Capital Meeting Notice




County Approves Homes on Holder Property in Shady Side

County planners are allowing a plan for homes in Shady Side to proceed, but just how many would be built on the waterfront parcel remains unclear.

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Blessing of the Fleet Festival August 7th

Last year over 4,000 people showed up to celebrated the return of a lost South County tradition.  The "Blessing of the Fleet Festival was by all accounts a huge success as thousands rediscovered the magic of the bay and our working watermen.  This year's Festival promises to be every bit as exciting so come on down.  Discovery Village has again teamed up with the Anne Arundel Waterman's Association and the local community to recreate the historic "Blessing of the Fleet" in Parrish Creek.

Blessing of the Fleet Festival

Join the party this year and help us celebrate a great South County tradition.

Date: August 7th 
Location: Discovery Village, Shady Side (directions)
Time: Noon to 5pm
Admission: FREE
Parking: FREE off-site. On-site $5.

WRYR will be broadcasting live from the festival.  Don't miss this treasured South County tradition.  Lots of good food, great music, kids games plus fun for all the family.

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Permits/Waivers Sought for 'Senior Complex'

The entity seeking to build a senior housing facility in Franklin Manor has applied for a permit to disturb wetlands and the buffer along Deep Cove Creek.  The Maryland Department of the Environment is seeking public comment, which could lead to a hearing, on the plan, which would affect the Critical Area.  In fact, the entire complex would be built in the Critical Area.  Read The Capital article.

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County Council Increases Critical Area Violation Fines Tenfold

The Anne Arundel County Council has voted to increase fines for those who illegally build in the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area.  The increased fines are part of the County's attempt to crack down on building violations along the Bay's shoreline.

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Task Force Decides on Roundabout for Deale

The task force studying options to improve traffic flow at the intersection of Routes 256 and 258 in Deale has decided on a roundabout without service roads to adjacent businesses.  Read The Capital article.

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Shady Side Parks Advisory Committee Meeting Next Week

The Shady Side Parks Advisory Committee will be meeting Tuesday, June 8 at 7 pm at the Shady Side Elementary School.  




Roanoke College Skipjack Web-Site

Twelve students from Roanoke College participated in an intensive learning class in May aboard the Skipjack H.M. Krentz to study the Chesapeake Bay and its crab and oyster fisheries.  The students spent many class and hands-on hours preparing: learning to navigate; tie knots; learning the parts of a ship; the history of the bay as well as its current conditions; and why the bay is such an invaluable resource we need to protect.  As the group spent over a week traveling, a new classroom was discovered, the bay itself.  While aboard the Skipjack H.M. Krentz, captained by Ed Farley, touring museums, and spending time with natives of the bay, students were given a chance to explore the beauty of the Chesapeake first hand.  This program was more than a biology lesson; this program is why these students now have a new appreciation for the entire of the Chesapeake Bay, its waters, its creatures, and its people.  The students created a web-site to share their experiences.

Check out the website




County May Refund Some Rubble Dumping Fees

Anne Arundel County victims of Tropical Storm Isabel could have some of their County rubble dumping fees reimbursed under a new emergency administration bill.  Homeowners whose primary residence was damaged could get up to $1000 back if the bill passes next month.

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Deale Food-Rite Buys Miller Sunoco in Churchton

The owner of the Deale Food-Rite has bought Miller's Garage and Sunoco in Churchton and an adjoining property in hopes of putting another grocery store on the site.  The market on East Bay Front Road could remain open, the manager said, but might offer more of a gourmet line of products to meet the needs of south county's changing demographic.

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College Students on Skipjack Visit South County

A visit by the Skipjack H.M. Krentz to southern Anne Arundel County on May 19 will deliver a class from Roanoke College to the West River Methodist Camp for a day steeped in Chesapeake folklore and music.  Part of an intensive three-week course entitled "Watermen of the Chesapeake", the West River layover is one stop on a tour of Maryland that includes the upper Eastern Shore and the Shady Side Peninsula.

Estuarine Environmental Interactions.  The class will be held July 21 - 27, 2004 and costs $50.  Download the flyer and get the registration form.

Download the Flyer for the Environmental Class




Shady Side Parks Plan Calls for Ball Fields at Franklin Point

The committee charged with designing a master plan for parks in Shady Side has voted to allow two multipurpose ballfields at Franklin Point Park - if no other local site is found.  Tuesday night's 6-4 vote by the Franklin Point-Shady Side Parks Planning Committee was a compromise after years of community debate on the future of the 477-acre ecologically sensitive property saved from development eight years ago.

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SACReD Annual Meeting

SACReD will hold its Annual Meeting on April 27, 2004, 7:30 pm, at the West River Methodist Center in West River, MD.  SACReD will present its Annual Report at the meeting.




Drew Koslo Named South Riverkeeper

Five years ago Drew Koslo became a member of the South River Federation, a community-based restoration organization, and he served as its president for three years.  Now, what once occupied his time on a volunteer basis has become his profession.  Last month he was named the South Riverkeeper.

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SHA Suggests Traffic Circle in Deale at Routes 256 & 258

State engineers have concluded that a roundabout is the best way to reduce congestion at the intersection of Routes 256 and 258. They say it will ease the flow of traffic, improve safety and be an attractive addition to the community.

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County Offers New Option for Franklin Point Park 

The County added another ball field option for Franklin Point Park as the committee charged with establishing plans for five local parks began finalizing its recommendations.  The two side-by-side multipurpose fields would be directly to the east of Dent Road, which leads into the 477-acre property in Shady Side.  The panel will meet again at 7 p.m. May 4 in the Shady Side Elementary School cafeteria.

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Hurricane Isabel Housing Assistance Workshop on April 8

House Bill 3, signed into law by Governor Ehrlich on March 29, created the Hurricane Isabel Rehabilitation, Renovation and Replacement Housing Program.  The Governor has asked that public workshops be held in hurricane-damaged areas so that citizens may learn more about the resources provided by this bill as well as other important State resources and services.  The details of the first workshop are listed below.  

Hurricane Isabel Housing Assistance Workshop

Hurricane Isabel Rehabilitation, Renovation & Replacement Housing Program

Where:  South River High School, 201 Central Avenue East Edgewater, MD 21037

When:  April 8, 2004, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Topics:  At this workshop, representatives from MDP, DHCD, Maryland Bankers Association and other partners will provide information regarding various finance programs for Marylanders in need of rebuilding or renovating their homes as a result of damage caused by Hurricane Isabel.  More detailed information is available by calling the Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD) at 1-866-227-2497 (toll free) or visiting DHCD's website at addition to learning about the program, individual assistance will be provided to those families interested in applying for housing rehabilitation, renovation and replacement housing. 

Click on the link for the Fiscal Note on HB 3 that explains what the bill does.

Maryland House Bill 3 Fiscal Note




Next Franklin Point Park Meeting Set for April 6

The next public meeting of the Franklin Point-Shady Side Parks Planning Committee has been set for Tuesday, April 6 at 7 pm to be held at the Shady Side Elementary School.  We encourage you to come to the meeting, where a master plan will be drafted for Franklin Point Park.  Support the position that the 486 acre park should remain a natural area and be reserved for PASSIVE RECREATION only!  SACReD, with the support of the community, fought long and hard to save this waterfront property from development, and now Franklin Point needs your help to keep it a natural area, as originally intended.

Questions to be answered at the meeting:

These questions, and others, are critical to preserving Franklin Point




Compromise on Smith Farm

Three years of controversy surrounding the Smith Farm Equestrian Center on the Broadneck Peninsula ended yesterday when Anne Arundel County officials and the former owner of the farm reached a settlement under which the county will build one, instead of two, ball fields at the property.  Read the articles in today's Baltimore Sun and The Captial.

Read The Baltimore Sun Article   Read The Capital Article




Deale Center Plan Draws Fire From Residents

About 400 people last night crammed into Cedar Grove Church in Deale to hear an Annapolis-area developer's plan to create a 22-acre retail and residential center.  Most at the meeting were not if favor of the proposed plan to build townhouses and condominiums.  Read the article in today's issue of The Capital.

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Smith Farm Talks With County Collapse

Negotiations between the County and residents who oppose plans to build athletic fields at the Smith Farm Equestrian Center collapsed yesterday, apparently sending the dispute back to court.  Read The Capital article.

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Judge Orders a Halt to Smith Farm Ball Field Work

A judge yesterday ordered County officials to suspend construction of athletic fields on the Smith Farm while lawyers for opponents of the project and the County try to settle a lawsuit aimed at keeping the property an equestrian center.

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Nursing Home Bill Opposed by Pastors

A group of Episcopal rectors has warned the County Council that it would be guilty of an "act of grave injustice" if it passes new rules on nursing homes that would stymie a proposed facility in Churchton.  The bill would force Crandell Cove, an apartment community for senior citizens proposed for Franklin Manor, to restart the zoning approval process.   Mrs. Samorajczyk this morning said the statement from the Rev.  Rehling raises questions about the Episcopal Church's involvement in Crandell Cove.  The statement said the project is sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland.  Bishop Robert W. Ihloff, head of the diocese, has said the church will not own or run the facility, but has taken an active role in sponsoring such projects.  Amanda Spake, president of South Arundel Citizens for Responsible Development (SACReD), urged the council to pass the bill as written.

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Proposed Deale Village Development Public Meeting

Let Your Voice Be Heard!
Monday, March 22 at 7:00 p.m.

Cedar Grove United Methodist Church, Deale

ou Can Make A Difference in Your Community!

Do you know about the Deale Village Center?

It’s a big, new commercial and residential development complex proposed for the Gates Marina property on Deale-Churchton Road and Rockhold Creek.  The Developer, Petrie Ventures, is presenting its plan at a “Town Meeting” on Monday, March 22 at 7:00 p.m. at Cedar Grove Methodist Church. (Note: Developers have no right or authority to call “town meetings” in our county.)  However, this is an opportunity to hear about this development and express your opinion.  Don’t miss this chance! 

Here’s some of what’s been proposed:

Points to Consider:

Its important that you know that the developer has no authority or right to hold any "vote".  Any "vote" taken on March 22 is in no way an official endorsement of this project either by the community of Deale nor any otherockquote>

Read the Meeting Flyer




South County Proposed Rural Bus Route Public Meeting Notice

The Anne Arundel County, Office of Planning and Zoning, announced plans to extend bus service from Annapolis to the Galesville, Deale and Shady Side area beginning later this year.  A public meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 31, 2004 at the Galesville Memorial Hall next to the Galesville Volunteer Fire Company on Main Street.  The format of this meeting will be slightly different.  An Open House will be held from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  From 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. the Office of Planning and Zoning will conduct a public hearing.  During the hearing, the public is invited to offer testimony related to the rural route service.  For further information on this meeting, please contact George Cardwell or Natalie Latham at (410) 222-7432.

Read the Press Release




Rts 256/258 Intersection Improvements Public Meeting Notice

The Maryland State Highway Administration is developing a concept plan for improvements at the MD 256/MD 258 intersection near the community of Deale.  Several options for a roundabout at the intersection will be presented at the meeting.  This intersection was originally part of the MD 256 streetscape project from MD 258 to Rockhold Creek Bridge in Deale.  The larger project is still "on-hold", however; SHA is looking into improvements at the MD 256/MD 258 intersection.  Beginning at 6:30 p.m., wall displays showing alternate roundabout concepts will be available for your viewing.  A brief presentation will be given at 7:00 p.m. Representatives of the State Highway Administration will be available until 9:00 p.m. to receive your comments and answer questions.  Citizen involvement is encouraged.  All interested persons are invited to attend the meeting and express their views.  Forms for written comments will be available at the meeting. Written comments and requests to be included on the project mailing list may be submitted to Ms. Teri Soos, Community Design Division, State Highway Administration, P.O. Box 717, Baltimore, Maryland 21203-0717.  Telephone requests to be placed on the mailing list should be directed to Ms. Soos at (410) 545-8845, or toll-free within Maryland at 1-888-228-5092 ext. 8845.  You may also contact Mr. Marty Cohn at the SHA District 5 Office at 410-841-1079, or toll free within Maryland at 1-800-331-5603. March 17 & 18, 2004Neil J. Pedersen A-0375State Highway Administrator 3/17.




Another Developer Targets Deale

A proposal to replace Gates Marina with a large development includes townhouses, independent-living units and other age-restricted residences along with a grocery store, bank, drugstore, medical building and other retailers between Rockhold Creek and Deale-Churchton Road.   Originally proposed as a 22-acre project with more than 400 homes on an early draft of the plan, the developer won't reveal the new details until he meets with residents March 22.  Read the article in today's issue of The Capital.

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SACReD & Shady Side Boys & Girls Club Work Together

The South Arundel Citizens for Responsible Development (SACReD) and The Shady Side Boys and Girls Club met to work together to find a location for more ball fields.  Read the article in today's issue of The Capital.

Read The Capital Article


Governor Ehrlich Wants Ball Fields at Nike Site, Not Smith Farm

Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. said yesterday that he will try to speed construction of ball fields on an abandoned Nike missile site near the Bay Bridge, even as work on athletic fields continues at the Smith Farm site. Read the article in today's issue of The Capital.

Read The Capital Aritcle


Smith Farm Plan Assailed by Schaefer

Comptroller William Donald Schaefer said yesterday that he remains disgusted with the county's decision to build ball fields at a horse farm on the Broadneck Peninsula.  Schaefer, who has accused the county of reneging on an agreement with the former owner of the property, said in his opening remarks at a Board of Public Works meeting, "That's why people distrust government."   Read the article in today's issue of The Baltimore Sun.

Read The Baltimore Sun Article




Smith Farm Destruction Temporally Halted, But Will Continue

Work will continue today on athletic fields on a Broadneck Peninsula farm after a judge rejected a claim the land be used solely as an equestrian center.  County Circuit Court Judge Joseph P. Manck concluded at the end of a two-hour emergency hearing e" width="216" height="42">




Bulldozers Are Rolling at Smith Farm

Janet S. Owens, Anne Arundel County Executive, is defying the wishes of Governor Robert Ehrlich and Comptroller William Schaefer and is proceeding with the destruction Smith Farm to construct ball fields.  Articles in yesterday's issue of The Capital  and today's issue of the Baltimore Sun detail the atrocity.

Read The Capital Article   Read the Baltimore Sun Article




Anne Arundel County Office of Environmental & Cultural Resources Letter to the Department of Recreations & Parks

The Anne Arundel County Office of Environmental and Cultural Resources sent a letter to Dennis Callahan of the Anne Arundel County Department of Recreations and Parks recommending that Franklin Point Park remain in its natural state and to preserve and protect this resource to the maximum extent possible.  The letter recommends that the Dept. Recs and Parks investigate and identify alternative locations for ball fields.  The letter also recommends that the Dept. of Recs and Parks improve the existing ball fields at Shady Side Park.

Read the Office of Environmental and Cultural Resources Letter




Anne Arundel County Recs & Parks Documents

Download and read these documents related to the AA County Department of Recreations and Parks planning of the Shadyside area parks, including Franklin Point Park.  These documents include the results of the Deale/Shadyside and South County area Recs & Parks Needs Survey completed in 2000, as well as the report on the environmental analysis the five Shadyside area parks.  Note that the Environmental Analysis Report button is a link to the County web-site (scroll down the page), as the file is 60 MB in size.

Deale/Shadyside Area Parks and Recs Needs Survey Results   South County Area Parks and Recs Needs Survey Results   Shadyside Parks Environmental Analysis




Franklin Point Park Public Meeting February 25, 2004

You should plan to participate in the public meeting Wednesday, February 25th, 2004, to discuss the final draft of the plan for Franklin Point Park.

What’s at Stake?

As the plans for Franklin Point Park move into the FINAL draft stage, the County's Department of Recreation and Parks is attempting to IGNORE the recommendations of the County-appointed citizens Committee, and push forward with planning for ball fields as the ONLY option for the park.  It had been previously AGREED to by the County and the Committee that the plan would present two options, one involving ball fields, and one leaving the park as a nature preserve with passive recreation only -- a place for walking and canoeing.

You need to attend this meeting to help put a stop to this railroading of the planning process. This is your chance to support passive recreation for Franklin Point -- a vision for the park that represents the State’s intent when they joined the County in purchasing the property from developers four years ago.  Your neighbors worked hard to save this property from development.  Now its your turn to help stop the County from going back on its word and against the wishes of the citizens Committee. 

A similar victory of the people over inappropriate ball fields just occurred at the Smith Farm property on the Broadneck Peninsula. There, the county had attempted to go back on its word that it would build only an equestrian center at the site. On February 11, the ball fields plan was shot down once and for all, after great public outcry and outraged testimony from the woman who originally transferred the land to the county--and who had the letter from the county, in her hand, promising no ball fields. WE TOO MUST HOLD THE COUNTY ACCOUNTABLE, AND THE

This is the most crucial moment to date in the planning for Franklin Point Park -- the importance of this meeting cannot be overstated.   You NEED need to attend the meeting on February 25th, 7 PM, at Shady Side Elementary School!  Additional parking will be made available around the corner at Discovery Village.

WRYR will be at the meeting to record the proceedings to ensure an accurate record is on file.  The County conveniently does not take minutes of the meetings.




Shady Side Watermen To Be Featured on Outdoors Maryland

Maryland Public Televsion's "Outdoors Maryland" will include a piece on the Chesapeake watermen and focus on those in the Shady Side, MD area.  The piece will be part of Show #1603, which airs this Tuesday, February 17th, at 7:30 pm, and again on Wednesday, February 18th, at 6:00 am and Saturday, February 21st, at 5:30 pm.  Click on the link below to see information about this show.

Outdoors Maryland Show No. 1602 Featuring Tom Wisner




WRYR Provides The Capital Audio Recording of Franklin Point-Shady Side Parks Master Planning Committee Meeting

Today's Capital has an article on the Franklin Point Park planning proposals which cites a recording of the January Franklin Point-Shady Side Parks Master Planning Committee meeting made by WRYR-LP.  The Anne Arundel County Department of Parks and Recreation is putting forth two proposals for Franklin Point Park, both of which include plans for ball fields.  This is contrary to the two proposals mutually agreed upon by both the County and the Committee members at the January meeting of the Committee.  This contradiction is evident the audio recording of the meeting in which the agreement was made.  You can listen to the meeting by clicking on the files below.

Read The Capital Article


Listen to the Franklin Point-Shady Side Parks Master Planning Committee Meeting

WRYR-LP recorded the public meeting held on January 13, 2004 to discuss the planning proposals for the parks in the Franklin Point and Shady Side area.  You can listen to and download the recording of that meeting.  The meeting is broken into five mp3 files, with each file covering about 20 minutes of the meeting and having a size of about 5 MB.  The portion of the meeting covering the final two proposals agreed upon by both the County and the Committee is near the end of Part 5.

Franklin Point Meeting Part 1   Franklin Point Meeting Part 2   Franklin Point Park Meeting Part 3

Franklin Point Park Meeting Part 4   Franklin Point Park Meeting Part 5




Hurricane Isabel Help Fair

The Anne Arundel County Office of Community & Constituent Services will host a Hurricane Help Fair.  A panel of experts will be assembled to answer your questions about insurance, permits, well water, mold, and much more. Activities for kids will be provided, too.

Thursday, February 5, 2004
The Kiwanis Club
1425 Snug Harbor Road
Shady Side, MD
Doors open at 6:00 p.m.
Ask your questions of the panel members from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

The Help Fair is free and everyone is welcome. For more information or immediate assistance, please contact Isabel Outreach at 410-222-1068.

Download the Hurricane Help Fair Flyer




Bay Weekly Article on Dr. Gustave Jackson

The current issue of the Bay Weekly features a nice article on Gus Jackson, a friend, founding member of SACReD and on-air volunteer at WRYR-LP who recently passed away.  You can read the article here:

Read the Bay Weekly article on Gus Jackson




In Memory of Dr. Gustave Jackson

We here at SACReD were extremely saddened to learn of the passing of Dr. Gustave Jackson on New Year's Day.  Gus touched communities worldwide and ours in particular.  Gus was a founding member of SACReD and the host of Environmental Justice on WRYR which aired Saturday mornings.  Gus succumbed to Malaria that he had contracted while in the rainforest working on environmental and justice issues.  

A memorial service will be held at the Howard University Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel, 2371 Sixth Street, N.W., Washington D.C., 20059 at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, January 10, 2004. The service will be followed by a repast at the Howard University Blackburn Center.  Please email WRYR if you have any questions.

Dr. Gustave Jackson hosting "Environmental Justice" on WRYR    Gus Jackson hosting Environmental Justice on WRYR    Gus Jackson hosting Environmental Justice on WRYR


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