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Queen of Sprawl  Puppet Auction Won By Brenda DeLalla

Brenda DeLalla, a longtime environmental activist and sometimes-thorn in the side of County Executive Janet S. Owens, had the top bid in an eBay auction for a 12-foot-tall likeness of Ms. Owens, dubbed the "Queen of Sprawl."

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Infamous Queen of Sprawl Puppet Goes Up for Auction on Ebay!

Some said she couldn’t be bought (while others thought quite the contrary!), but here’s your proof — the Queen of Sprawl Puppet is for sale to the highest bidder.  Brilliantly crafted by gifted artist and famous “puppetista” Nadine Bloch, this colorful creature bears a striking resemblance to a certain county executive, and at 12 feet tall she towers above the crowd! Place your bid for this unique cultural icon today!

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Commentary on The WRYR / SACReD Store by The Capital

The "Sources Say" column in The Capital today looks at the WRYR Store and the various WRYR and SACReD merchandise.  We think they didn't get the humor behind the WRYR 'thong'.  Any publicity is good publicity, right?

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Reality Differs a Bit from People's Words, Actions on Growth

Tom Horton ponders 'Smart Growth' and compares the talk about it to reality in this Baltimore Sun article.

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SACReD Merchandise Now Available!

You can now purchase SACReD merchandise.  Yes, you can now proudly display your support for your community organization on t-shirts, stickers, buttons and more.  This merchandise is available, along with WRYR items, at the WRYR Store at Cafe Press.  SACReD and WRYR receive proceeds from every sale, which are fully applied to support SACReD and WRYR.

SACReD is a non-profit 501(c)(3) volunteer citizens organization whose mission is to work toward sustainable and environmentally responsible Chesapeake Bay communities through education, research and action.

To view all the great WRYR merchandise available, please check out the WRYR Store at Cafe Press.

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County Zoning Law Bills Proposed

The Anne Arundel County Council has proposed Bills 77-05 and 78-05 to amend the subdivision and development and zoning laws.  You can read the bills below.  The Public Hearing for both bills will occur on October 17th.

Bill 77-05     Bill 78-05




County Council Ponders Stormwater Solutions

The Anne Arundel Watershed Network organized a tour of damaged watersheds last week for a majority of the County Council. The tour was another step in the push to create a stormwater fee to provide the roughly $400 million worth of work needed to reduce nutrient runoff into county waterways and the Chesapeake Bay.  But only two of the council members on the tour back such a fee.

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Forum Paves Way for Stormwater Fund

A standing room only crowd learned more about the problems facing the county at a stormwater forum but came away still seeking backing for a way to pay for a program to repair the damage done. County conservation activists, supported by community associations and research from county officials, have floated the idea of creating a dedicated fund paid by assessing roughly $60 per residential property to be used exclusively for stormwater work.

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Workshop Focuses on Storm Run-Off 'Disaster'

On Sunday a collection of conservation groups will host "Storm Water: An Unnatural Disaster," at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center in Edgewater.   "The first step toward solving any problem is understanding it,' said Jerry Hill, a board member with the Chesapeake Environmental Protection Association, one of the sponsoring organizations. "This forum will give people an understanding of how storm water affects our quality of life."  The forum, at SERC's Philip D. Reed Center for Education from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., will feature two speakers, a series of community leaders talking about conditions in specific areas and a series of exhibits.

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Cedarhurst Begins Rebuilding Community House

With people of New Orleans and Mississippi still trying to recover from the damage of Hurricane Katrina, a new era in the Shady Side Peninsula community of Cedarhurst on the Bay began Sunday with groundbreaking for a 3,000-square-foot community house. The original, built in 1929, was extensively damaged when Tropical Storm Isabel lashed the bay region two years ago this week. "Initially, we thought that the building could be repaired," said Cedarhurst Citizens Association President Jo Anne Groves. "But when this was not possible we decided to obtain a loan and rebuild on the site of the old house."  The $300,000 project includes repairs to the harbor and community pier, also damaged in the storm.

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SACReD Negotiating With Crandell Cove for More Services for Elderly

Even as they await a decision by the county Board of Appeals, supporters and opponents of a senior housing project in Churchton may settle their differences on their own.  It would come two months after a public meeting on the proposed 32-unit Crandell Cove at which members of South Arundel Citizens for Responsible Development said they would forgo further appeals if the developer would make some concessions.

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Junior Ecologist Program Spotlighted in The Capital

South Arundel Citizens for Responsible Development (SACReD) has been sending children to West River United Methodist Camp for the past seven years through its Junior Ecology program.  The program gives children from disadvantaged families the opportunity to swim, swing, climb and learn to be good stewards of the bay.  See the Junior Ecologist Page for more detailed information.

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SACReD Newsletter for August

You can now download and read the latest SACReD newsletter, which has the latest news, updates, and some reflections of one our members on what it was like living in simpler times on the Bay.

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Great Day at the Blessing of the Fleet 2005

Anchor tossing was one of the highlights of the Blessing of Fleet Festival yesterday in Shady Side, revived in 2002 after a long hiatus. Events included the blessing of the waterman and their boats, a boat docking contest, an anchor tossing contest, and also featured craftsmen, music, food and a variety of bay-related organizations.  Despite the punishing heat, organizers said the event drew more than 2,000, many of whom arrived by boat.  WRYR, SACReD's radio station, was broadcasting live the whole day from Discovery Village.

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Blessing of the Fleet Festival 2005

Last year over 4,000 people showed up to celebrated the return of a lost South County tradition. The "Blessing of the Fleet" Festival was by all accounts a huge success as thousands rediscovered the magic of the bay and our working watermen. This year's Festival promises to be every bit as exciting so come on down. Discovery Village has again teamed up with the Anne Arundel Waterman's Association and the local community to recreate the historic "Blessing of the Fleet" in Parrish Creek.

Join the party this year and help us celebrate a great South County tradition.  WRYR, SACReD's Low Power FM radio station, will be broadcasting live from the event again.

Blessing of the Fleet 2005

When:  Saturday, August 6th, 2005
Where:  Discover Village, Shady Side, MD
Cost:  FREE!
Parking:  Free off-site; On-site $5

Don't miss this treasured South County tradition. Lots of good food, great music, kids games plus fun for all the family.

The "Blessing of the Fleet Festival" was nationally televised on the  MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour 1/08/2003
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Crandell Cove Grading Permit Approved

The Board of Appeals on Tuesday allowed the grading permit for Crandell Cove Inc.'s 32-unit project off Franklin Manor Road to stand. It rejected South Arundel Citizens for Responsible Development's arguments that the developer should have exceeded the requirements for storm water management.

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Critics to Rally Against Crandell Cove

Just about the time the county Board of Appeals is due to render a decision on a controversial 32-unit senior housing project proposed for Franklin Manor, critics are staging a rally to fire up opposition to the plan.  South Arundel Citizens for Responsible Development is spreading fliers about Tuesday's 7 p.m. rally at the Deale Fire Hall, urging people to "get the facts" about the project because "bulldozers are coming at the end of June."

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Public Meeting on Crandell Cove Apartment Complex June 21st

Get the FACTS on the Crandell Cove apartment complex.  Crandell Cove is planned to be a 32 unit apartment complex on Franklin Manor Rd, located in the Critical Area buffer, threatening wetlands, Deep Cove Creek, and the Bay.  They're calling it a 'nursing home' to get the permits to build it, but there is no nursing care planned.  Find out what's true, what's not, and what's next.  The dozers are coming!

                            When:  June 21, 2005, 7:00 pm
                           Where:  Deale Firehouse, Drum Point Rd, Deale

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The Baltimore Sun Reports on Franklin Point Park

The county pulled out of the deal take ownership of Franklin Point Park after the state Critical Area Commission ruled this month that ball fields, parking lots and trails could not be built over wetlands. The park fronts the Chesapeake Bay and features about 271 acres protected by Critical Area laws, which restrict building on environmentally sensitive coastal land. State officials never intended to push the county out of the project, said Ren Serey, director of the Critical Area Commission. Serey said the commission approved the county's plans for the park but wanted to make sure ball fields and parking lots would not cover wetlands. He said the county would have had to show that the areas intended for ball fields did not include wetlands. "The commission did not say there could be no ball fields or no parking lots," he said. "Really, the commission did not impose any conditions that wouldn't have been there anyway."   Read the complete article in The Sun.

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Shady Side Park Belatedly Reaches a Turning Point

The Capital Editorial Board discusses the Critical Area Commission's decision not to allow the County to build ball fields on wetlands at Franklin Point Park and the County's decision to give up on taking ownership of the park.

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County Backs Off Plans to Take Over Franklin Point Park

The county is backing out of the five-year-old deal to take over Franklin Point Park in south county after the state said it could not build ball fields or parking lots on wetlands at the site.

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Critical Area Commission OKs Franklin Point Park

The Maryland Critical Area Commission has unanimously approved the county's plans to develop Franklin Point Park in Shady Side, but some stringent caveats could make it difficult to put any athletic fields there.

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New Development Plan Eyed in Deale

A year after neighbors' objections derailed a mixed-use plan in the biggest open area in "downtown" Deale, a prominent south county businessman has submitted a far less intensive plan.

Instead of the 184 homes, shopping center and offices laid out before the community in March 2004, the new plan calls for 20 single-family homes, with about 2 acres set aside for a community park.

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Residents Again Fight Franklin Point Park Development

Not a soul came out to support planned ball fields at the MD Critical Areas Commission Hearing on the County Master Plan for the 477 acre Franklin Point Park.  Instead, the 75 people attending last week's meeting urged the commission to nix offensive parts of the plan - two ball fields, parking, and a foot-bridge - for a less developed natural setting more like Jug Bay Wetlands Preserve.

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Franklin Point Park Hearing Scheduled April 13

In what could be the final opportunity to shape the future of Franklin Point Park, the Maryland Critical Area Commission will hold a public meeting on the county's master plan for it.  Please plan on attending and help make the Commission understand that ball fields are inappropriate for this sensitive piece of bay front property.

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A panel of the Critical Area Commission for the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays will conduct a public hearing for the purpose of considering a request from the Department of Natural Resources for approval of a Master Plan for Franklin Point Park proposed by the Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks.

                    When: Wednesday, April 13, 2005 at 7:00 p.m.
                   Where: Shady Side Elementary School Cafeteria;
                               4859 Atwell Rd & Snug Harbor Rd, Shady Side, MD

The Master Plan document proposes to locate certain development activities on the Franklin Point Park site within the Critical Area. The site is located off of Maryland Route 468 in Shady Side, Maryland, with direct access from Dent Road. The proposal includes recreational trails and facilities. The Department of Natural Resources seeks Commission approval of the Master Plan, and further Commission review will occur as the time specific development activities are proposed for construction in the Critical Area portion of the park. The hearing will serve as an opportunity for the Critical Area Commission panel to accept public comments on the Critical Area aspects of the Master Plan. Public comments are encouraged prior to or at the public hearing. It is anticipated that the record, including the receipt of written comments, will close at the conclusion of the hearing. A copy of the Anne Arundel County Draft Report-Master Plan for Five Anne Arundel County Parks, Shady Side, Maryland and the Franklin Point site plan with supporting documentation is available for review at the Critical Area Commission office, 1804 West Street, Suite 100, Annapolis, Maryland; and the South County Branch of the Anne Arundel County Public Library located at 5940 Deale-Churchton Road, Deale, Maryland; and will be available at the public hearing. For additional information, call the Critical Area Commission in Annapolis at (410) 260-3460. Sign language interpreters and other appropriate accommodations for individuals with disabilities will be provided upon request.




West & Rhode Rivers Get a Riverkeeper

The Waterkeepers Alliance, an international umbrella organization based in New York, earlier this month approved Mr. Bob Gallagher, a soon-to-retire lawyer and Shady Side resident, to monitor, protect and enhance the water quality of the south county bodies of water.

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The Capital Reviews the Maryland Open Meetings Law

In today's issue, The Capital featured an article, an editor's opinion, and a guest column all addressing the public's right to government information, including a thorough review of the Maryland Open Meetings Law.

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South County Town Meeting Feb. 24th

Maryland State SenatorJohn C. Astle, and Maryland State Delegates Michael E. Busch, Virginia P. Claggett and Herb McMillan are hosting a town meeting at the South County Police Station in Edgewater on February 24th from 7:00 to 8:30.  Come out at let your representatives hear your thoughts and concerns regarding issues affecting South County.




Residents Buy Land, Block Developer;  Another Edgewater Shopping Center

Annapolis Roads homeowners have bought 33 acres of woodlands in their neighborhood, blocking a developer's plans to build on the site.  Now their sights are set on stopping St. Mary's High School from building athletic facilities on the adjoining golf course.  Another small win to preserve the remaining in the County.

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Also in the news: After years of negotiations between the owners of Lee Airport in Edgewater, neighboring communities and county officials, a Florida developer has submitted a plan to build shopping and business center along Route 2.

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County Nixes Sudley Ballfields

Delegate Bob Costa, a south county legislator, floated the idea of converting some of the county's property at the Sudley landfill into ballfields, but park officials and the administration say it's too expensive to even consider completing a study of the proposal.

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Deale Roundabout Meeting February 8th

When: February 8, 6:30 pm
Where: Deale Elementary School, 759 Masons Beach Road

MD State Highway Administration is holding a meeting about the Deale Roundabout project at the intersection of MD 256/MD258 "to re-examine feasible options that would best serve the Deale Community and the businesses located near the intersections".  For more information, contact Susan Lippy, Project Entineer, 1-888-288-5092 x8907.  




County Urges Group to Drop Opposition to Project

An attorney for the county told a group of homeowners that if they truly cared about the environment, they would withdraw their opposition to a developer who wants to build "designer homes" on 22 acres of woodland in Epping Forest.  In an unusual move, Assistant County Attorney James A. Chance told the Board of Appeals that residents' opposition to a request by Elm Street Development for zoning variances to build six homes on seven lots could backfire, causing the company to build as many as 12 houses in the proposed small development, Arrow Cove.

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The Fox is in the Henhouse - Zoning Revision Hearing

After listening to a steady string of witnesses for three hours last night, some Anne Arundel County Council members said they plan to introduce amendments to fine tune comprehensive subdivision and zoning bills.  Read all about it in today's issue of The Capital.

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Are You and I Disappearing from Maryland’s Public Spaces?

The idea of selling public lands enraged many Marylanders, who spoke out in news articles splashed across newspapers, letters to the editor, phone calls to elected representatives and talk on radio.  Read about the controversy in this week's Bay Weekly.

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Ehrlich Appoints Guns to Run DNR's Bay Programs

The Baltimore Sun reports that the Ehrlich administration has appointed a former legislator known for his support of industry and his clashes with environmentalists to an assistant secretary job at Maryland's Department of Natural Resources.

Ron Guns, a Cecil County Democrat who served for nearly a decade as chairman of the House Environmental Matters Committee, will become DNR's assistant secretary for Chesapeake Bay programs. 

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Editorial by The Capital Supports SACReD & WRYR

The editors of The Capital "don't understand why a county administrative hearing officer is obstructing an effort to record public hearings" and state that "broadcasting such hearings is a public service".  SACReD and WRYR filed a complaint with the Open Meetings Compliance Board today, claiming that Administrative Hearing Officer Stephen LeGendre illegally banned WRYR from taping and broadcasting a Dec. 9 hearing on the controversial Crandell Cove senior housing complex.  Read the editorial (scroll to the bottom of the page).

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